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BE Entertainment & Productions

"Where We Nourish The Soul & Entertain The Mind" 

We Have Numerous Projects That We Need Help With Funding So That We Can Make The Productions Possible. Our Purpose Is To Offer Great Entertainment & To Open Doors For Indie Artists The Opportunity To Showcase Their Gifts & Talents. Check Out Some Of Our Projects Below!!!

Our Beauty Movie Mission:

BE Entertainment & Productions is Raising Money To See The Visions For The Screenplay, "Beauty and the Hood" Come To Life. The Money Will Be Used Toward The Actual Production, The Amazing Crew & Cast, Equipment, & Advertisement For The Film & Its Premiere.

This Movie Is Filled Quirky With Storylines That Take Place But That Comes Together To Tell A Meaningful Story. We Call It A "Comedy With A Message.

Please Support Us With A Donation By Clicking On The Donate Button Below.

We Appreciate Your Generosity!!!

The Response To The Production Of The Stage Play "How Can You Hurt The One You Love Was Overwhelming So We Are Looking To Take The Play On The Road.

We Are Seeking Donations Through A Go Fund Me Account. We Are Offering Great Incentives For Your Support & Generosity.